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Alexandria is located on the west bank of the Potomac River, six miles below Washington, DC. Much of present-day Alexandria was included in a 6,000-acre land grant from Sir William Berkeley, Governor of Virginia, which was awarded to Robert Howson, an English ship captain, on October 21, 1669. Less than a month later, Howson sold the land for 6,000 pounds of tobacco to John Alexander. Merchants petitioned the Virginia General Assembly in 1748 to establish a town. It was named Alexandria after the original owner, John Alexander.

Alexandria was incorporated in 1779 and was a major port city. Ten years later, Alexandria and part of the surrounding Fairfax County were given to become part of the new District of Columbia. Alexandria was given back to Virginia in 1846. In 1852 it acquired city status and a new charter. For more information, please visit the wonderful City of Alexandria official homepage. Don’t forget to check out the neighboring jurisdictions below, especially Arlington County and Washington, DC. When Alexandria was part of Alexandria County (now called Arlington) many of the records are indistinguishable as to whether they are for county or city. Washington DC also will hold records for the period that Alexandria was part of Washington. When items are about Alexandria, inside DC, and about the city, before it was an independent city, they are still added here, but sometimes it is hard to distinguish in reading precisely where it goes.

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